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  Kits So Real proudly presents:



 Prototype, hand-signed by Petra Lechner

Exclusive Doll Art by German Reborn Artist

Carmen Sommer




  Baby’s Details

  * exclusive „Kits So Real“ Prototype  / Artist Proof  1 of 1
of  the  very first Petra Lechner preemie kit „Christina“

  • * hand-signed in the neck by Petra Lechner
  • * produced in Germany
  • * joint-venture project of Dolls So Real Inc. US A & Once So Real Ltd. EU

    *  size: approx. 12“ (30 cm)

    *  soft, translucent real-skin vinyl  with 3-dimensional living baby skin complexion

     *  lighly detailed dimensional eyebrows

    * baby newborn manicure

    * ¾ length arms, ¾ length legs

    *  finest-quality micro-rooted  Angora mohair, custom dyed

    * hand-rooted eye-lashes

    *  fully jointed, absolutely posable doe-suede dollbody completely weighted with baby fat

    * fine glass beads, no sand!

    *  adorable outfit with lace, custom made in Germany

    * suitable mohair bunny fully jointed and posable





    Christina was painted in my very own 3-dimensional technique in multiple layers that
    I have developed during the past 5 years since I have been making special doll creations now.
     Fine  pores, veins and even capillars complete the realistic appearance of her skin.
    Many different realistic skin tones and shades were used to make her look like a real preemie.

      Using a special newborn technique all over her skin gives her the perfect illusion
    of a living creature. The special paints I  work with are used in the German doll industry
    that is well-known for its high-quality standards. By combining a special activator
    together with the paints they will stay permanent and never fade.



       Body and Hair

    Christina’s arms and legs were weighted with the tiniest glass beads and permanently
    sealed afterwards. Her custom made jointed doe-suede dollbody was completly filled
    with baby fat that makes her soft and cuddly while holding her in your arms.
    I only use a very soft but dry quality of the squishy pellets that will not stick together
    at any time.


    The cloth of her body has a very special texture that feels like real skin. Once holding
    this sweetheart you will never want to give her out of your arms again!


    Only the finest quality of Angora mohair of was micro-rooted into her head  by using
     German 43g ultra-micro-rooting needles. The head was completely sealed from the inside.
    You can wash, comb and style her hair now in the way you prefer.




      Eyes, lips and nose

    Christina used to get fine hand-rooted eye-lashes of the finest mohair available.
     Her nose was carefully opened and dark-backed.
     It was sealed with a soft shining permanent vanish. Also her lips have been sealed
     permanently after being painted in different thin realistic layers.




       Baby’s layette

    Christina will come home with a new custom made lace outfit from Germany togehter with her little jointed mohair bunny.




      Sales terms

    Shipment of Christina will be directly from Germany. As we ship to the US regularly
    there will be a possibilty to save on the shipment and have her shipped out with one
    of our next deliveries. Please let us know what you prefer. Shipment to the US insured
    by airmail is 50 $. Shipment by our shipping company will be less expensive.





      Additional info  

    We ship worldwide!

    International bidders: All charges at your border, such as tax or duty, are the responsibility of the buyer.

    If loss or damage is a concern for you, please request insurance.

     We inspect our rebornbabies and pack them carefully and professionally. We are not responsible
     for packages once they are mailed.

    Please allow sufficient time for your package to arrive before requesting information about your
    shipping status. 

    Please be sure of the amount you are bidding. By bidding you agree to purchase and are bound
    by a contract. 

    All sales are final.

    Please ask questions before you bid to make sure you are getting what you want.

    This baby doll is an exclusive work of art and not a toy.

    If you are interested in getting the doll kit of Pooky only please let us know by mail.





       About the artist  

    My name is Carmen Sommer and I am the artist behind Once So Real.
    I studied arts and was always interested in drawing and painting. I started reborning
    more than 5 year ago and was one of the first reborn artists in Germany.

    As I am a perfectionist regarding creating lifelike baby dolls it always takes a very long
     period of time until I have finished a baby. This is why you will seldom find my special
    creations on ebay, but mainly at international doll exhibitions.

    The prototype of Christina was presented at the International Doll and Teddy Festival
    in Sonneberg / Germany where I used to be part of the judgement of the first
    German Reborn Competition.

    Last year we started producing an exclusive line of exceptional reborn doll kits
    together with my dear friend and partner Lynne Bollhoefer of Dolls So Real
    and Christina is the very first preemie-baby of Petra Lechner.

    I hope you will love this little sweetheart as much as I loved to reborn her!

    Special thanks to my dear friend and business partner Lynne who is one of the nicest
    and loveliest persons I ever met in this wonderful doll world!

    Thanks also to my dear friend Petra Lechner for the great friendship and
    for those wonderful creations, your babies are truely a real work of art!


    Many greetings from Germany!



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     please do not use as your own.

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